Having been exposed to number of difficulties to find the information I decided to start the website. It invites all the people to benifit the way which they want.

I am happy to welcome you all for this site which keep us together forever. This is the place I invite all the friends from Jaffna Hindu Collage and E/02 Batch in Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. This is not limited for only those all the friends wormly welcome here.

“sky is the limit”

There are many reasons why we need to keep

in touch. This site giving that opportunity to

fulfill our needs to be together. If we loose

the conduct mean we are loosing the future.

This is the place we can link together for many years to come. It will keep us in a common ground though we all around the world. My father Kanakalingam Selvarajah and my mother Saravanamuthu Sornam. We are lots of members though we spread all around the world and we don’t have the opportunity to keep in touch with each other. I hope this world web will bring us together. I kindly invite all my family members to use this site as much as they can.

“love is the reason to live”

In the old days family meant people in a house

together. But that was in a language so far back

that all its words are gone, a language we can only



This is the ultimate reason for any site. Even

though I already categorized the visitors

I wanted to satisfy many more who come to this site. It is my pleasure to welcome students from Faculty of Engineerin, University of Peradeniya. They will have lots of opportunities here for their future studies and work.

“Infinite opportunity”

what you want to find out

why you want to find it out

how you are going to find it out

who you are going to ask

who the information is for

how you are going to tell them



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    It is pleasure to meet you all in this dynamic site. I also hope that it is useful for many ways for many people. The site will be for many years to come. My goal with spartheeban.com is reach you all around the world. There are many options available to knowing the details of people in touch but website is easy to update our changes in life.
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